1. What does your wedding day/pre-wedding coverage cost?

All-inclusive photography starts at $500 USD.

2. How long after the wedding will I receive my images?

You can expect delivery of your wedding images 8 weeks after the big day, via password-protected online gallery. If your Internet connection is slow, we can delivery a USB drive via DHL anywhere in the world.

3. Are the images you deliver high-resolution?

Yes. The images you receive as part of my standard photography package are high-resolution and ready-to-print at pretty much any size you like. If you decide you’d like to print an image extra-large, let me know, and I can make it even bigger for you to ensure the best quality printing.

4. How many pictures do you take?

This is one of those things that really varies from wedding to wedding, as it depends on so many factors. But I’d say on average I shoot anywhere between 600-1000 images for a full day destination wedding. About 10-15% of those images make it into the final edit that I deliver to you.

5. Will you retouch our photos?

Of course, I am really quite good at toning images – editing for contrast and colour.

6. Who will actually photograph my wedding?

We have 5 photographers so you can choose your style what you like and enjoy your wedding day.

7. How do I book you?

Easy. I require a 50% deposit and a signed agreement to secure your date and the remaining three weeks before the wedding day.

8. Should I opt for one photographer, or two?

Good question. I’d say I shoot about 85% of my weddings on my own, but for events that get near a guest list of 20+ people, having a second photographer can mean a more complete coverage is possible.

A second photographer is a good idea if you want any of the following: emphasis on detail shots, emphasis on family photos and guests at the reception, the second set of angles for the ceremony, and of course a greater number of images.

9. My wedding is in Singapore/Malaysia/Bali… Will you travel there?

Yes. I’m a destination wedding photographer, so I travel for 100% of my weddings. But more importantly, I love to travel, and I love exploring different cultures.

My passport is up-to-date and ready to roll, so just let me know your destination details and I’ll give you a quotation for any additional travel expenses.

10.I am having a traditional Chinese / Indian / Vietnamese / Cambodian ceremony. Will you cover that?

Absolutely. Because of my documentary background, I am always especially excited when couples tell me they are having a traditional ceremony as part of the wedding festivities. Its why I love photographing weddings in Southeast Asia – there is such a diversity of cultural traditions to capture.

11. I have to cancel my booking, is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately not. I definitely do not want to take your money without having the privilege of photographing your wedding day, but your deposit guarantees your booking, meaning I turn away all other requests for the same day once it’s made.

12. I have a party soon after the wedding and want to show my images. Can I get them earlier?

Of course! Couples often have a party a few weeks after returning home from their destination wedding and want to show images to friends and family who couldn’t make it. I offer a speed edit service and will have a selection of the very best images ready for you via high-speed digital download. Email me for pricing.