November 17, 2020

How to Choose a Wedding Stationer That’s Right for You

Deciding between custom, semi-custom, and mass-market invitations often comes down to what you value and prioritize most. However, the formality of the event and level of investment in other areas should also inform your plan for stationery. If you’re hosting a black tie destination wedding weekend on Lake Como, mass-market stationery will probably not be able to properly communicate what your guests should expect. These destination affairs typically have intense, weekend itineraries that require a lot more than traditional invitation suites can convey with simple accommodations, reception, and RSVP cards. Likewise, a backyard picnic wedding with casual attire doesn’t necessarily call for custom, foil-printed invitations on handmade paper. Consider what works best for you and your partner in the grand scheme of things and plan accordingly.

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Once you’ve decided which general direction best fits your needs, it’s time to choose a specific stationer or retailer. Consider the atmosphere and feeling you want on your wedding day, and find a stationer that matches the tone you’re looking to achieve. If you’re dreaming of handmade paper, look for a vendor who is experienced in working with that material. Our Real Weddings and LBB Directory, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google are all great places to find vendors that fit your style if you don’t have a wedding planner to make recommendations. Just like we mentioned earlier, you can find something that truly gives you ALL those heart eyes just by taking a peek of our Instagram feed and following the tagged trail to the stationer of your dreams.

“Ask yourself, what is the feeling you want your wedding day to have? If you want your wedding to be clean, modern and minimalist, don't choose a vendor whose style is feminine, elaborate and romantic. Not only do you want someone who matches your style and taste, but your vendor wants to work with someone who will allow them to showcase their best style of work.”  –Emily Mayne, Emily Mayne Studio

When you narrow down your choices to a few vendors, inquire with them to receive a quote. If you’re ordering custom, the designer may want to schedule a phone call or ask you a few questions to get to know you better before putting options together. When you receive a quote and see what they can offer, consider if their process, pricing, and availability fits your needs, and feel free to ask them questions! Vendors appreciate when clients engage in some Q&A, it shows how seriously they take their services.

“Ask questions! And then also be sure to ask if the vendor if they have their own ideas to contribute. The best invites are a team effort, not a one-way conversation.” -Michael Musser, Anticipate Invitations

Custom and semi-custom stationery involves a vendor relationship, so become familiar with who they are and how they work. When you’re confident that a vendor is the one that will bring your stationery dreams to life, book them!

From Style Me Pretty