Intimate Wedding at Intercontinental Danang

Right now, needless to say, I am nervous but ready, willing, and excited to become your wife. I am so delighted and grateful that the universe has placed you in my life. I truly believe that you were specially chosen, just for me. I could not have asked for a better life companion:

  • - The one that always praises me in front of other people and also speaks good words to me, even though he is soooooo mad at me. Always respect and be kind to me for who I am, not for where I am from.
  • - The one that has been always super, duper patient with me, with my bad temper, and when I am on period because, about once a month, the beast comes out of me.
  • - Also the one that has remained incredibly generous and supportive of my decisions. As long as it makes me happy, he is almost willing to do anything. After graduation, I decided to study Chinese. 3 years later, I quit. Now, I am onto a new career path, and without much hesitance, he became a venture investor, again.I am completely awe-struck that you chose me to be your girlfriend and now to be the one standing here with you today.Baby, I vow this day that I will love and treasure you. I promise to trust your actions and intentions and believe you will respect mine.
    I vow to remain by your side in sickness and in health.
    I'll support you in richness and in lacking, in the best and worst of times. I promise to share your joy and lend support.I vow to be faithful and love you completely for the rest of our lives.Our vows are among the most important promises we will ever make to each other. It means nothing if it didn't reflect our personalities and relationship. So now, listen carefully:I vow to believe you when you compliment me, and I promise to only use sarcasm when necessary.
    I promise not to shout at you when you touched me just after holding the bathroom's dirty trash bin without washing your hands.I vow to always forgive. Though, I make no promises regarding forgetting.
    I promise to let you win the occasional arguments, even when I'm right, most of the time.
    And last but not least, I promise to let you take the first and, only bite of an unopened chocolate bar.

Today, in the presence of our families and friends, I claim you, Reece Peter Wallis, as my lawfully wedded husband. I belong to you. I offer my life to you. I give to you my heart, soul, loyalty, priority, and life-long commitments.