“After 4 years losting contact, they’ve met again and the story has began from there… He is a Vietnamese-French, lives in Saigon. She is a Vietnamese, studied in France and was living in Hanoi. Their 1st meet was in a business meeting in Hanoi. That day he saw her, she saw him, like every other people. They was in contact for the business in a short time then losting it because she changed her work and either her phone number. During these 3 years, sometime he tried to contact, find her but he could not. One day in 2014, through Lindkin he suddenly found her and they re-contact. Texting message everyday, talking to the phone everynight before sleeping, then one day of course they decided to meet each other. He invited her to Danang for the 1st Dating. It was on 08 Aug 2014. Their love story begin…. 2 years later on 08 Aug 2016, they get married in the same place of their 1st dating – Danang. The wedding has been witness by their son who is nearly 1 year old, by their familly and all close friends from Hanoi, Hochiminh and France. ”